How to purchase a ThetaPunk

To buy a ThetaPunk you will need an official Theta Wallet.

You will need 400 TFuel plus the gas fee in order to mint a ThetaPunk.  

(You can purchase TFuel on crypto exchanges such as Binance,, Hotbit &

Send 400 TFuel to the address on the homepage to receive a ThetaPunk.

View your recently purchased ThetaPunks on the My ThetaPunks page.

Buy & Sell your ThetaPunks on our internal Marketplace.

ThetaPunks is the first multi-utility NFT punk project. What we are planning for TPs is revolutionary in that our core values reside in creating a tight knit community of Theta NFT connoisseurs which will transition into the blockchain gaming world of the Sandbox and Decentraland metaverses.

1. Owning a ThetaPunk will grant one access to a private chat called the ‘Bachelors Club’ where like minded NFT enthusiasts can come together to discuss new Theta Drop projects as well as the inevitable introduction of other third-party Theta NFT projects.

2. Owning a TP will grant you access to our Sandbox world which will be used to host games, holidays and social events with the objective of creating a new form of social engagement, within the confines of the new world involving the virus. (We currently own Sandbox land)

3. Owning a TP will allow the user the ability to display their NFTs in a virtual gallery in Decentraland. We will also try to create a Bachelors Club in Decentraland similar to The Sandbox for games, events and holiday celebrations.

4. Eventually we plan for the TP community to be able to socialise in VR as Decentraland and The Sandbox reach them levels in their development which they are planning.

5. We have planned collaboration airdrops for larger TP holders and we are currently in talks with the likes of the founder of Satoshi Street Bets.

6. We also aim encourage the planning of an annual Bachelors’s vacation somewhere in the world where people have the choice socialising in the real world. This will be completely dictated by the sentiment of the community.


We would like to state that we have no association or affiliation with Larva Labs. And would like to point out that Solana officially partnered with SolPunks, as well as Matic / Polygon partnering with the recent PolyPunks. If there is a way in which we could partner or help push Theta’s goals, that would be our honour.

We are a movement based on inclusivity and aim to build a healthy community in which members empower each other with knowledge and connections. Our greater goal is to transform the way in which people socialise via the $175 billion blockchain gaming industry which is set to explode and also due to the current state of affairs involving the virus.